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Former UFC Fighters Joe Riggs and Cody McKenzie Are Now Bare-Knuckle Boxing

When the bright lights of the UFC fade, MMA fighters have two options: hang up the gloves and call it a career, or press forward and ply their trade in less prestigious organizations.

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armbarred441d ago

Brutal and surprised it's legal to be honest.

HippieRays441d ago

Wow! I'm surprised it's legal too. That's a little too hardcore for my likings. I'll stick to my passion of regulated MMA

Tatertot441d ago

Brutal is right. This is just a bad idea across the board in my opinion, what's wrong with people?

Mcgregornador441d ago

That's insanity! I don't know why someone would do that. I understand money talks, but there are other promotions that could have went to instead of this shenanigans