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Could Former UFC Champ Frankie Edgar Be Latest to Test Out Free Agency?

Frankie Edgar is a little fed up.

That's not a new stance from the popular former UFC champion. But he's not backing off it, either, and with his UFC contract set to expire, it could be causing Edgar's eye to wander.

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HippieRays405d ago

I think Bellator might be the best bet for Edgar these days. His last fight in the UFC will hopefully be a good one if he chooses to switch promotions

Mcgregornador405d ago

All of the free agents have been going to Bellator. It would not surprise me if Frankie decided to do the same thing

HippieRays404d ago

You're absolutely right! There has been a big trend of free agents just switching to Bellator, probably the best bet for Edgar

Tatertot405d ago

He has options in the UFC and he has options elswehere. I am very interested to see what he decides, and I'm interested to see who they decide for him to fight next