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Two-division WSOF champ David Branch relinquishes titles, heads to free agency

It looks like WSOF has a pair of titles to fill in the near future.

Two-division champion David Branch has been granted his release by the promotion to test free agency and has relinquished his light heavyweight and middleweight titles.

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HippieRays441d ago

Good for him!! Seems free agent is the way to go for fighters these days. Maybe he will end up at Bellator too :P

Mcgregornador441d ago

If other promotions can have multi titles held by one fighter, what is the big deal with UFC? They shouldn't give their athletes a hard time for wanting to go big.

Tatertot441d ago

That's a good move for him, who knows where he will end up. You're probably right though, he'll go to Bellator like everyone else has been