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The UFC Is Missing the Point in Trying to Book Nick Diaz

People love Nick Diaz. Sure, there might be a few detractors here and there, but that is largely a measurable objective fact.

If you don't think so, consider that he's an athlete who has not been successful in his chosen field since 2011 and has not competed in that field since 2015, yet he remains one of its most hotly discussed properties regardless.

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Tatertot440d ago

The Diaz brothers are crazy. They talk a lot of big money talk but won't work to make it. For some reason I can't help but love them!

HippieRays440d ago

Nick needs to get back into the octagon. No matter what the pay will be, he needs to work himself back up before being worth the amount he wants

Mcgregornador440d ago

Nick wants a big money fight like Nate had with McGregor. He hasn't been active enough to be worth the pay though