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Dana White Says Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Still Looks Unlikely

UFC president Dana White was in Houston for UFC Fight Night 104 on Saturday and will attend the Super Bowl on Sunday. TMZ Sports caught up with White who said Conor McGregor boxing Floyd Mayweather is unlikely.

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HippieRays443d ago

That's a bad move on Dana's part. The fans want to see this fight happen, it would make so much money for all parties involved.

SarcasticDuck443d ago

for him to accept this, the fight would have to make the double of what a UFC show makes (so he could divide it between the two parties and still get the pay off he usually gets).

HippieRays443d ago

It could make double the money of what a UFC show makes. If the top selling PPVs of 2016 were from McGregor, he is profitable. Not only would UFC fans watch this but the few boxing fans in the world (I joke) would join in too. It would make history and a lot of money in my opinion

Mcgregornador443d ago

Looks unlikely? Incredibly foolish move Mr. White. This could be the biggest fight of the year or century if it were to happen and he's just gonna let it go like that

Tatertot443d ago

I figured Dana of all people would have seen the money signs from just talking about this. He's completely shutting it down out of spite against McGregor, and that's just stupid. Egos are too big here, there's money to be made.