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Eddie Alvarez’s coach says McGregor could KO Mayweather

Before Conor McGregor locked horns with Eddie Alvarez in a lightweight championship tilt at UFC 205, boxing coach Mark Henry was critical of the Irishman’s skills.

Henry, a long time MMA coach, went as far as to label McGregor a fraud, but one has to wonder whether those words were used to generate hype for a fight with one of his students.

Henry took back those words and acted with class when ‘The Notorious’ out-boxed and knocked out Alvarez to win the 155 lbs title last year, and the veteran trainer thinks that McGregor may have what it takes to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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HippieRays409d ago

I think he could have what it takes and I would really love to see it happen. I am really hoping Dana changes his mind on this one

mafiahajeri405d ago

Who says Dana has any say in the matter? Due to the Ali act McGregor can fight mayweather without the ufcs permission.

Now would that be smart on McGregors part going behind their backs? No but from a business stand point everyone can walk away happy, and I'm sure their all gonna cut a deal.

HippieRays403d ago

Dana helped build him to where he is today so I am hoping McGregor shows a little bit more respect than to use the Ali act. Again, I would really love to see this, so I'm hoping they come up with something

Mcgregornador409d ago

I'm not sure if he would win or not. I admire that he wants to try & expand his pallet of talents, just not sure if he has the ability to out box Mayweather with such limited experience.

Tatertot409d ago

That's mighty nice of Alvarezs coach to back McGregor up like that. If only Dana cared enough to make it happen. McGregor is such a diverse athlete, I think he could win too.

407d ago
babadivad407d ago

Yeah, He would KO Mayweather if he just stood there with his eyes closed and let him.

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