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Nate Diaz reportedly set to return at UFC 211

Following an announcement from UFC President Dana White that the promotion had offered Nate Diaz a fight, inside sources have now leaked the details of the fight.

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Mcgregornador407d ago

Great news! Him vs Alvarez will be crazy and I am happy to read McGregor vs Khabib or Ferguson, makes me want Khabib to win from Ferguson so he and McGregor can face off

HippieRays407d ago

Good to see Nate coming back to fight, that's going to be a tough fight! Wish he was on the 209 card, that would have been perfect

Tatertot407d ago

Its about time he comes back! Now he just needs to slap some sense into Nick so he can get back into the octagon too. For guys who talk about wanting a lot of money, they both have turned a lot of money down recently