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UFC releases statement on Trump’s travel ban

Last Friday, newly-elected United States President Donald Trump issued an executive order which effectively blocked entry by citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries into the U.S. His decision, an extension of his campaign promise to ban Muslims from entering the country, will likely impact various sports, including the UFC.

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IamTylerDurden1445d ago

Disgraceful "president". Yet he didn't ban the countries he does business with.

445d ago
HippieRays445d ago

I am still shocked about this, nervous to see what the outcome will be. Dana helped get Trump into office and now this silly presidential decision is going to affect business among other things.

Mcgregornador445d ago

I could not believe Dana was supporting Trump! I suppose this serves him right. I am worried for what will happen too

Tatertot445d ago

Scared neighbor to the north thinks Trump is bad news. I cant believe he was serious about all of this stuff. the fact that people agree with him really shocks me too.

Tatertot441d ago

Has their been any updates on this? I am very curious and nervous to know what happens and if Dana is able to pull any strings with his connection to Trump