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Free Agent Bader Not a Fan Of Show-Win Pay System

While mixed martial arts (MMA) fight purses have increased over the years, specifically in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), there are still only a select few combatants who "eat what they kill." Everyone else, meanwhile, is still on the show/win payout system, which basically means a fighter has to win to double his or her total payout.

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HippieRays445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

Bader should go with Bellator, it's a better suite for him. Better chances of winning against those guys and if the pay is better, who could argue?

Mcgregornador445d ago

I'm not sure if UFC will match the contract Bellator is going to offer him. Bader would blend in better with the guys at Bellator

Tatertot445d ago

UFC will not match anything, we know they have become strict with their spending habits lately. Bader, although talented, isnt a big draw these days