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McGregor on Dana: “We’ve done great things together and we will continue”

While many like to think Conor McGregor and the UFC are at constant loggerheads, with angry texts being exchanged between McGregor and UFC President Dana White a daily occurrence, that doesn’t seem to be the dynamic these days.

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HippieRays384d ago

Conor had to say something nice mixed in with all of his trash talking. Dana and UFC made McGregor and got him where he is now he should be showing respect

Mcgregornador384d ago

McGregor is smart, he knows how to protect himself in the business world thus far. Trash talk to gain audience, then make amends to the hand that feeds.

Tatertot384d ago

Conor vs Khabib is what I wanna see, I hope Conor has a long future with the UFC. He has become one of my favorites from personality to in the octagon