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White: I reached out to Diaz’s team about a fight with Maia

Last August, Nick Diaz’s 18-month suspension had officially lapsed. But as of this moment, the UFC has yet to give him his next fight date and opponent.

The former welterweight title contender did remain relevant through his absence. Upon the end of his suspension, his name was immediately linked to current 170-pound champion Tyron Woodley. However, it was a fight he turned down according to Woodley, who says it was because Diaz “wants to get paid.”

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HippieRays415d ago

Maia vs Diaz would be a great fight to see! I am looking forward to seeing Nick back finally, hopefully the time off didn't make him rusty. He needs to accept a fight and get back in the octagon

Mcgregornador415d ago

Maia vs Diaz would be awesome to see, but I would have rather seem him vs Woodley. Can't believe he turned that fight down. Does he think he can make the same purse his brother is asking for?

Tatertot415d ago

Diaz can't afford to be turning down fights right now. I hope he returns to the octagon soon, it has been way too long without Nick

armbarred414d ago

Yeah what's he doing turning fights down? BE PATIENT. He's seen what Nate has made and now want's his own piece of the pie. Thing is, Nate only made money because he's an excellent match for Conor. Nick... not so much.