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Midnight Mania! White Says Rousey ‘Just Doesn’t Have It Anymore’

“I don’t know why. This sport is very, very tough, man. You have to stay on top of your game, and it’s a young man and young women’s sport. Throughout the history of time and fighting, one day you just show up and you don’t have it any more. It’s always happened that way. You never know when it’s gonna come, man, it just creeps up on you, and ... it’s a rough sport.”

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armbarred412d ago

LOL - understatement of the year

HippieRays411d ago

This is what we all think and Dana is just now willing to believe it. Whatever will he do without his poster girl?

Mcgregornador411d ago

He's so lost without her. At first he seemed hopeful she may return, now he's down to reality with the rest of us I think :)

Mcgregornador411d ago

Dana just catching on now? When she said she couldn't handle the media was kind of a big warning sign that she doesn't have it anymore, not to mention her last 2 performances. She needs to move on.