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Amanda Nunes apologizes to Ronda Rousey for post-fight comments

New UFC Bantamweight women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes sends sincere apology to Ronda Rousey for her post fight comments.

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HippieRays446d ago

Nunes is an incredible champion. It's nice to hear her re evaluate her actions from another perspective. Ronda may get on my nerves, but she has done a lot for women in sports.

Mcgregornador446d ago

Amanda has a great personality, she thinks of others before herself usually and was just excited from her victory. Sensible person and definitely deserves that belt. Good role model

Tatertot446d ago

Definitely a good role model! Ronda was a snob and not the friendliest. Here Nunes proves she is down to earth and aware of her faults. I really like her