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The 10 UFC Fighters Who Are Most Fun to Watch

It's hard to pick just 10, especially given a burgeoning new guard of UFC action fighters.

That's what makes this job so hard. You think it's easy to narrow down the 10 UFC fighters who are the most fun to watch? I beg to differ, sir or madam. I beg to differ. So you want to be a slideshow writer...

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HippieRays447d ago

Hmmm.. I definitely do not agree with this list. Although there are a few on there that I do agree with, majority is questionable. McGregor should have been on there somewhere. Not necessarily the top, but somewhere on there

Mcgregornador447d ago

McGregor and Cowboy should be on there. Cowboys last performance may not have been the best, but he does have fantastic skills and is a beast in the octagon. Nunes should be on there too.

Rivercityransom447d ago

both cerrone and mcgregor are on the list you guys just looked at the honorable mentions list so did i at first and was like wtf lol, but ya go further down and you'll see the top 10 its a good ten, cept nunes and linker i would have replaced with cain and condit

HippieRays446d ago

Oh thank you! I was REALLY questioning that list and just trying to be nice lol Thanks for the direction, much better results further down :) Nunes keep though, tough lady!