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McGregor turns down role in Predator, says GOT was never offered

Early in December, reports came out that UFC champion Conor McGregor would be playing a part in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Dana White even said that he knew about the role beforehand, and was ‘glad’ McGregor was doing it. Other entertainment sites even had specifics, saying McGregor would have a small, non speaking role as a pirate in “Euron Greyjoy’s crew”.

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HippieRays447d ago

McGregor potentially has a future in acting? I thought the Pegasus thing was funny, but for him to be offered a lead role like that is kind of silly in my opinion. I can't imagine him acting out another personality other than his own

Mcgregornador447d ago

He wouldn't do too bad I don't think. So long as he wasn't trying to go to far away from his bad ass attitude, he may be able to make something out of it. Not if he turns everything down though

Tatertot447d ago

He shouldn't turn down opportunities like this after pissing Dana White off the way he did with his Q & A. Might need to keep all options open.

HippieRays446d ago

Very true. I could see him acting as a bad ass character, but nothing much beyond that. Maybe if the next opportunity isn't around the same time as baby, we might see Conor acting

Mcgregornador445d ago

I was reminded today that he was in Call of Duty as well. His acting is not that bad, but he should remain a bad ass for sure