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Daniel Cormier says Ronda Rousey will never be dominant again

Daniel Cormier takes some time out to discuss Ronda Rousey's devastating loss and his thoughts on how she will never be dominant again.

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armbarred416d ago

Will we ever see her again in the UFC? Does she have any more fights on her contract?

HippieRays416d ago

Even if she has more fights left on her contract, Dana will let her go if she wants. I'm personally hoping she stays away from the UFC, but I never know these days

Psychotica416d ago

She could be dominant if she meets the right guy..

Mcgregornador416d ago

lol!! That's hilarious :P Travis might let her pretend now and then, hopefully. Otherwise, her ego might explode in that bulldog head of hers

Tatertot416d ago

She may surprise us all and come back bigger and better than ever before. After some diverse training, she might be able to make something of herself after all of this. I hope not, but maybe.

MagicBeanz415d ago

Poor Ronda the girl just cant catch a break. Well theres always porn.

Kabaneri415d ago

She got beat worse than Pitou did by Gon.