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Jorge Masvidal: If Demian Maia wants to get that ass whooped, I’m here

In this post UFC on Fox 23 interview, Jorge Masvidal discusses the controversial saved by the bell controversy at the end of the 1st round. Masvidal also touches on who he would like to see as a possible next matchup for him.

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IamTylerDurden1447d ago

Jorge smoke Cowboy, dude is a true fighter. He is a Miami street fighting legend.

HippieRays447d ago

I am still surprised Herb made the call the way he did. I thought he stopped it before the round was over just like Masvidal thought. But, on they went. Masvidal is a beast.

Mcgregornador447d ago

Masvidal is definitely proving himself, but call outs are becoming tiresome to me. He deserves a high paying fight after his performance, but there are better ways of getting it than call outs. Just my opinion

Tatertot447d ago

I agree! 2016 was filled with every fighter saying who they wanted to fight and trash talk. I'm really hoping the trend does not continue onto 2017. Fantastic fight by Masvidal, but let the fight be arranged and then trash talk.

IamTylerDurden1446d ago

But what is Masvidal supposed to do? He was ranked 12th, if he hadn't called out Cowboy and he fought some unranked fighter he would've just languished never sniffing a title shot. I think he should fight RDA quite honestly.