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Police: ‘Around 20 people’ involved in brawl following McGregor Q&A

While the UFC on FOX 23 preliminary card was well underway in Denver, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor was busy with a special Q&A pay-per-view event at EventCity in Manchester, England. Following “An Experience With Conor McGregor,” an apparent brawl erupted outside of the venue, leading to the hospitalization of a few men.

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Mcgregornador414d ago

I must say this pay per view Q & A on the same night as the UFC was a bold move from McGregor, he might be trying to piss Dana off to get out of his contract? He said pretty vulgar things towards the UFC. No wonder the crowd was amped up enough to cause a brawl like this

HippieRays414d ago

Of course there was a brawl at the Q & A! McGregor has such a personality and ability to get the fans roweled up, I'm just surprised it was at 4am, hours after the event lol