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Stephen Thompson “Nick Diaz being offered a title shot is just annoying”

Top ranked welterweight contender Stephen Thompson will get his second chance at UFC gold on March 4 in Las Vegas when he rematches current division champion Tyron Woodley in the main event of UFC 209.

“Wonderboy” and “The Chosen One” first met at this past November’s historic UFC 205 fight card in New York, where after five-rounds of gruelling back and forth action the fight was declared a majority draw by the judges in attendance.

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Mcgregornador414d ago

Nick Diaz is just returning from a royal UFC screw over in my opinion. He deserves a title fight opportunity now more than ever.

Tatertot414d ago

Totally agree with this! Diaz really fought (and so did the fans) to lessen his fine and suspension. It was silly. They know he smokes marijuana. Maybe had too much, but no need ban him the way they tried. Just my opinion. I hope Diaz gets something good soon, he's kinda getting old :/

HippieRays414d ago

It's not Nick's fault that his last fight was over a year ago against Silva. Silva tested positive and Nick had marijuana in his system (medically prescribed). Silva got next to nothing suspension and Nick had to fight to get his suspension lessened. I think he deserves title shot.