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UFC on FOX 23 Results: Jorge Masvidal TKO's Donald Cerrone

Coverage of the key welterweight bout between Donald Cerrone and Jorge Masvidal which was the co-main event at UFC on FOX 23 in Denver, Colorado.

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Mcgregornador448d ago

I was really hoping Cowboy had this, but I could tell after the first shot to his nose, he was impressed with Masvidals power and got nervous. Losing his game and focus. Totally sucked to see. He is still one of my favorites forever

HippieRays448d ago

I thought Cowboy had this up until his nose started bleeding too. He got shook and just couldn't perform like good ol Cowboy normally does. He was knocked out too, I'm surprised that they continued onto the next round

Tatertot448d ago

I'm glad someone else thought that! Cerrone was completely knocked out for a second & when they continued I couldn't believe it. I know he's a beast, but he's also human

HippieRays447d ago

He was definitely knocked out and the fight should have ended there. You're right, he is a human, and there are rules against letting a fighter continue to fight after being knocked out

Mcgregornador447d ago

You're absolutely right! I watched a video today of someone talking about this. Definitely was knocked out just seconds before the end of the round. Should not have let him continue