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NEW Conor McGregor Manchester Interview PPV - Full Show "F*ck the UFC!"

The Full Conor McGregor PPV Interview from Manchester

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Mcgregornador448d ago

Dana was so mad when he heard the details from this. He definitely tried to put Conor in his place, but I'm not sure if he will be able to hold him there. Very interested to see what comes out of all of this

HippieRays448d ago

Not only did McGregor say f**k the UFC, but this Q&A was the same night as the Denver prelims. Mighty bold move of McGregor. Dana was right to try to put him in his place, but they both have such large ego's it's hard to see where that will end up

Tatertot448d ago

Always entertaining! He really shouldn't push Dana the way he is, especially with the new ownership. UFC helped build him, he should pay some respect to it