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McGregor says his next fight will be in a boxing ring, calls Mayweather ‘scared sh*tless’

If Conor McGregor made one thing clear on Saturday night, it was that a blockbuster fight against Floyd Mayweather is the number-one thing resting on his mind.

“That fight is more than just being explored,” McGregor said from Manchester. “That fight has been in the works awhile now. Look, there’s a lot of steps to get through to get the fight going, but it’s the fight to make. It’s the fight the people want. It’s the fight I want. I know I’m confident going in there.

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xer0418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

This dude has a lot of mouth.
Mayweather has been undefeated for over 20 years.

He's virtually old enough to be McGregors dad... but he's still getting called out to fights because he's a bigger star than McGregor will ever be.

Lets see how long McGregor will last in the UFC.

HecTroy418d ago

C'mon, man! Mayweather is a bum with lots of ca$$$h. The truth is that the stars of boxing aren't stars. Boxing is dead.

HippieRays416d ago

Boxing has really been done since the UFC blew up. I completely agree with you! The two of them would make a pile of money if the fight ever were to happen though

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Mcgregornador416d ago

They both want it. McGregor has a big mouth, but he backs it up too. He's challenging himself to further his talents and make money. They both want the money that will be made cause it's going to be a huge payout

Mcgregornador416d ago

Mayweather and McGregor both want the money that can come out of this fight, they both want it. Mayweather may be legendary as a boxer, but he is nowhere near the mixed martial artist that McGregor is. If it is a boxing match, I won't assume that McGregor would win, I will respect him for taking the challenge on for himself just like Diaz short notice first time. Great challenge. If it's MMA rules, Mayweather would definitely lose in my opinion. With McGregor getting his boxing license and Dana not budging, it will more than likely be boxing rules. Great challenge and great money making opportunity for both. I would personally love to see it