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Northcutt headed back to 155, says welterweight was ‘learning experience’

MMA Fighting: "At just 20 years old, Sage Northcutt has already competed five times in the Octagon, and there’s a pattern in play. Each time he’s competed as a lightweight, he has prevailed. When he has gone up to 170 pounds, he’s found himself on the losing side of the equation."

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HippieRays454d ago

I can just see his silly grin when reading his quotes lol Hopefully he has better luck back at 155, 170 has been no good for him.

Mcgregornador454d ago

Haha! I know what you mean about the silly grin :P “I’m just a natural 155er so that’ll be a good weight class for me” he has faith in himself, that’s good. He hasn’t looked so great lately :/

Tatertot454d ago

Sage is one of the “star power” fighter that I hope turns around and becomes successful. He’s entertaining personality wise, his body is insane since childhood and he can do well in the octagon when faced properly I’m hoping

453d ago