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Someone Made A McGregor vs. Mayweather Fight In Punch-Out

If you want to see Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Maywather, someone on Youtube has you covered. User Adam Arnali has posted a video which depicts the fight between the two in, of all things, the 8-bit NES classic Punch-Out.

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HippieRays452d ago

haha! how creative :P Interesting to think it would go three rounds, I personally don't think it would last that long one way or another

Mcgregornador452d ago

I love the NES style of this, very funny. I don't think it would go three rounds either, two tops. but I also don't know who I think would win :p depends on the rules I think

Tatertot452d ago

lol! User Adam Arnali just got a thumbs up from me, great idea for a youtube video. I'm sure this will be all over the internet soon

451d ago