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'Big' John McCarthy Weighs In On Medical Marijuana

“Big” John McCarthy is a pioneer in mixed martial arts. He has refereed fights since 1994 beginning with UFC 2. He’s played an enormous role in rule implementation and regulation of the sport that helped bring it from a grassroots following into mainstream America.

McCarthy recently sat down with Vegas CANNABIS, a local Las Vegas publication, to talk about medical marijuana. While McCarthy has never used marijuana, his wife uses medical cannabis to help treat her symptoms of lupus. McCarthy spoke about the benefits of medical marijuana and how it impacts MMA.

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HippieRays421d ago

It's nice to see someone from his position have the perspective that he does on the subject. As someone who uses it medicinally for multiple conditions, I agree 100% with him.

Mcgregornador421d ago

Sorry to hear that you and Mrs McCarthy both have conditions which require you to use marijuana, it is the lesser of all evils when it comes to medication. McCarthy makes some great points here

Tatertot421d ago

I agree with McCarthy. So long as the fighter is not high during their fight, there is nothing wrong with thc or cbd and there are quite a few health benefits from both for people with different conditions