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The UFC sold more PPVs than ever before in 2016

The UFC enjoyed its most successful pay-per-view year ever in 2016 but, despite its record-breaking year, an in-depth report into the PPV statistics compiled by’s Dave Meltzer reveals some trends that will alarm the top brass at WME-IMG.

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armbarred423d ago

This sums it up for me:

The report reveals an erosion of the tradition of title belts, or champions, being default draws and instead shows a reliance on star power to sell events.

Now with Rousey and McGregor out the numbers will be very interesting... Star power is great and was working well when they had them. Now those big names are gone and I feel like numbers are going to be well down.

HippieRays423d ago

Well said! Completely agree too, it feels like they are struggling to make big fights right now while the stars are out, but its not adding up for them yet. (Majority wise, I'm personally pumped for almost every fight coming up lol)

HippieRays423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

That's a really interesting read. I'm wondering what they are going to pull out of a hat to boost PPV for 2017 while McGregor is out and Rousey is gone, we all know they're going to try to beat this report

Mcgregornador423d ago

We all witnessed and complained about the trend. Star power is good for the media, but not the sport. It's nice they have options to make 2017 a great year too, but it will be hard to compete with 2016 numbers

kevnb422d ago

its been great for the sport, even smaller events are drawing decent numbers and they are having events quite often.

Mcgregornador422d ago

So far so good, you are right! They have a lot coming up already and we're not even one month in!

Tatertot423d ago

When you rely on star power to bring in the best numbers, you need to make sure that the stars are also MMA athletes and not just fighters. Kinda focusing on Rousey there with her arm bar.