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A Grand Finale for Tito Ortiz

Dan Plunkett: "Happy endings are an exception to the rule in a sport in which any fighter with a modicum of name value is typically trotted out three, four, or five fights past their expiration date to face a dangerous young up-and-comer, ostensibly to see if they still have “it,” but really to build the stars of the next generation. "

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HippieRays363d ago

Fantastic way to end his career!

Mcgregornador363d ago

It was his birthday too, wasn't it?

HippieRays362d ago

I believe his birthday was yesterday, but they were celebrating early. Lots of people said happy birthday, Chael included

armbarred363d ago

All the best Tito! Haven't always "liked" you, but you've always been entertaining!