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Bethe Correia: Amanda Nunes should 'watch her mouth’

Former UFC women’s bantamweight title challenger, Bethe Correia, has some advice for current champion, Amanda Nunes. As Correia told Combate, she does not believe Amanda is indeed the best fighter in the division, so she should watch what she says, Ronda Rousey didn't.

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armbarred422d ago

The fastest way to gain some publicity is to start knocking the champ. NO WAY is Nunes like Rousey. Once she appears on shows like Entourage and does movies, maybe then.

HippieRays420d ago

she is definitely nothing like Rousey! If fast and furious comes out with another movie she can do that tho, I only saw the first one and think Nunes would do good with it. Silly but true :P I still wouldn't hate on her then, she's amazing

Mcgregornador420d ago

She’s right, Cat did knock Amanda out, but Amanda is champ and has a right to be full of herself right now. Still nothing in comparison to the ego of Rousey

Tatertot420d ago

Rousey and Nunes are nothing alike, yes Rousey paved the way for all women to fight but that doesn’t mean every woman needs to bow down to her. Enough people do that as is.