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Edgar would ‘like’ to see B.J. Penn retire due to ‘father time’

One of Penn’s former opponents, Frankie Edgar, would like to see the Hawaiian retire after losing in brutal fashion.

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armbarred455d ago

Yup, I think it's time BJ. It's a brutal sport to be in that long and you gotta think family and health!

HippieRays455d ago

It's interesting that EVERYONE except Penn thinks he should retire except for him. It will be interesting to see how his next fight turns out

HecTroy450d ago

Come on! If he won't fight some old, unranked bum, he has no chance. Suggest any serious opponent who could be beaten by old-guy-BJ? He should just leave UFC and sign with Bellator, the promotion of the old guys trying to kick each other & the freakshows.

HippieRays449d ago

I wish he would leave UFC and sign with Bellator! Or retire :) The man has options. Bellator is definitely the better suite for promotions for Penn at this age, opponent wise. Or home. Again, options :)