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Garbrandt’s ‘hit list’ includes Dillashaw, Aldo, and McGregor

Cody Garbrandt is setting the sky as his limit.

The 25-year-old phenom battered Dominick Cruz from pillar-to-post at UFC 207 to take home the bantamweight title and the newly-crowned champion is planning to take out some even bigger names in 2017.

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KarateCat331d ago

That's a very tall order for Garbrandt.

Tatertot331d ago

Hopefully Dillishaw stops him in his tracks :D

HippieRays331d ago

Lol he gets a bit of spot light and wants the whole show

Tatertot331d ago

LOL! Dillishaw maybe, Aldo hopefully not and Mcgregor would knock this kid down

martym330d ago

Garbrandt wouldn't get past Aldo.

geddesmond329d ago

Who wants to buy a PPV to see Cody fight. I sure as hell don't. That Dominic Cruz fight was boring as hell and now the dude has found a mouth. Conor would demolish him and Aldo would knock him back to last Sunday. As a big MMA fan I screw next. Nothing special inn this fighter.