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Cormier Willing To Fight Juiced-Up Jones

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, no matter how much success he has at 205 pounds, will be slapped with an asterisk by the mixed martial arts (MMA) community for winning the division title without defeating Jon Jones.

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KarateCat275d ago

Cormier has to be really desperate if he's willing to fight Jones that way.

Saitama275d ago

oh no, no, no. Hunt would be very angry

HippieRays274d ago

lol! Hunt would be very angry!

Mcgregornador274d ago

lol of course Cormier would say something like that.

armbarred274d ago

DC knows he can say that because of course Jones won't be juiced when he steps into the ring again. He can't juice and get an exemption or something

martym274d ago

He's willing to fight a doped fighter and when he gets beaten he'll say that it's not fair.