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411 Fact or Fiction MMA: Will Mayweather vs. McGregor Finally Happen in 2017?

Another week, another writer face off. 411 brings you another edition of the fact and the fiction swirling through the fabulous yet enigmatic world called professional mixed martial arts.

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armbarred423d ago

My heart says yes, but my head says no - too hard and too many HUGE egos at stake.

HippieRays423d ago

It is extremely controversial feeling hey? lol one would definitely silent the other ego. Could you imagine if McGregor beat Mayweather in his own game? my goodness

HippieRays423d ago

Since day 1 I have been siding with liking the thoughts of McGregor vs Mayweather, it would be great to see and I honestly have no idea who would win if it were strictly boxing. But Jeff brought up a good point by saying he needs to defend his belt first and then have his “experiment” with Mayweather

Mcgregornador423d ago

It would be fantastic to see Mayweather and Mcgregor have their fight this year, but Dana can’t meet Mayweather and I don’t see Mayweather meeting Dana. Only way it would happen is if Conors contract came up.

Tatertot422d ago

You're right, I don't see them agreeing with a price for this fight. Anyone know when McGregors contract is up?