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Former Announcer Mike Goldberg Was in the Crowd at UFC Phoenix and the Internet Was Like WTF

Former UFC announcer Mike Goldberg didn’t get a friendly sendoff when he called his last night of fights at UFC 207 last month. News broke earlier that day that it was going to be the last time he would call a UFC fight card, but not a word of his last assignment made mention through the end of the broadcast

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Mcgregornador425d ago

even if he's not beside the octagon :)

Mcgregornador425d ago

So weird to see him in the audience, nothing will stop him from the live action!

armbarred425d ago

LOL funny shot. Good to see he isn't sour about the whole thing and will keep attending fights!

Tatertot425d ago

Doesn’t look like he has UFC gifted seats either, they really did dump him :/

KarateCat425d ago

I noticed that too. UFC has treated Mike Goldberg poorly. No wonder a lot of fighters are complaining.

Tatertot424d ago

Fighters and fans alike, it's a shame how the UFC is treating it all