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Nate Diaz to apply for boxing license in Nevada

In 2016, Nate Diaz had a break-out year in the Octagon. Could his 2017 be marked by an appearance inside a ring?

Diaz is in the process of applying for a boxing license in Nevada, Bob Bennett, the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) executive director, confirmed with MMA Fighting on Tuesday.

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Saitama429d ago

it's a good move but I think he's a bit old for Boxing

HecTroy429d ago

This is more like a desperate move to copy McGregor. He applied for a boxing license, now Nate applies for a boxing license as well...

Mcgregornador429d ago

Smart idea actually, he does want to mimic Mcgregors money making skills, can’t blame him for wanting that.

KarateCat428d ago

Yep, did a move like McGregor. Maybe he should apply for a trademark as well.

Tatertot429d ago

he can definitely take a punch though :) Bleeds like crazy but doesn't get knocked out

HippieRays429d ago

Nate heard how much Mayweather makes per fight and wants in

Mcgregornador429d ago

only way he would ever make 20 mil a fight like he wants, if he builds a name for himself

KarateCat427d ago

It's not gonna be easy. He's been fighting in the MMA scene for quite some time now and he's still nowhere near the purse of Mayweather.

HippieRays427d ago

No-one in MMA is making close the purse of Mayweather, good for Nate to give it a try

Tatertot429d ago

this is a good idea for him. If he tries to trademark his name, then I’ll poke fun :)