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Trading Shots: If a UFC champ can't defend 2 belts, should she keep trying to win them?

In this week’s Trading Shots, retired UFC and WEC fighter Danny Downes joins MMAjunkie columnist Ben Fowlkes to discuss another champion’s plan to hold two UFC belts at once, and whether or not the first experiment in that department showed us the limitations of that ambition.

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Saitama429d ago

isn't that the point of fighting competitively? even if a fighter can't defend a title. That fighter can try to win back the title.

HecTroy428d ago

Isn't this the goal of UFC fighters? To become champs? So why is it a problem if they are good enough to compete in 2 divisions? I certainly want to see a Holm vs Nunes fight!

HippieRays428d ago

I would love to see that!!

Mcgregornador428d ago

Holm vs Nunes would be great to see!

KarateCat428d ago

Me too. Holm vs Nunes would be a spectacular fight to see. Both hard hitting strikers!

HippieRays428d ago

The Mcgregor experience was messed up because of weight cut rules being changed wasn't it? It's the fighters decision to want to be champion, that's why they are there

SarcasticDuck428d ago

Mcgregor was striped of a title because he would not be able to defend both on a regular basis

Mcgregornador428d ago

I think the fighter has the right to decide if they think their body can handle it

Tatertot428d ago

If they can go to the different weight class within healthy limits, why not?

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