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Midnight Mania! McGregor To Trademark ‘Notorious,’ Mayweather Rips ‘Bellhop’ White

Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight, we’ve got Conor McGregor filing for a trademark on his own name and nickname, Floyd Mayweather’s latest burn of Dana White, Stipe Miocic feeling “crapped on” by his UFC pay, Sumo, crazy submissions and knockouts, and feelings on B.J. Penn’s latest debacle, which happened to be another step in the spectacular path of “El Pantera,” Yair Rodriguez.

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KarateCat333d ago

McGregor is really on point when it comes to securing his future. I guess he's just as smart as Mayweather when it comes to making money.

HippieRays333d ago

He's definitely thought the financial benefits of this through, smart man indeed

Saitama333d ago

trademarking stuff related to artist/actor/fighter etc. is becoming a thing. Quick way to making money if someone happens to use "their" trademark

Mcgregornador333d ago

It really is a smart way to make extra money when you’re famous

Tatertot333d ago

Some trademarks are foolish, but this was a smart move for him. Definitely making money while he's off

armbarred333d ago

True, they can be dicks about things I guess, but also very smart as other dickheads will try and use it to make money for themselves!

Tatertot333d ago

I love these Midnight Mania articles, good weekly cap of everything that's going on.

martym332d ago

I don't really mind if the person making the trademark deserves it. But if some small time fighter does that, it's kinda annoying.