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Gegard Mousasi expecting Chris Weidman in April, but will fight anyone 'from No. 1 to No. 15'

After earning a perfect 4-0 mark in 2016, Gegard Mousasi (41-6-2 MMA, 8-3 UFC) is struggling to get his calendar filled in the new year. The UFC middleweight contender said he’s willing to face anyone in the promotion’s official rankings, but he’s getting more excuses than agreements.

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HecTroy274d ago

This man should get a real fight, with a real, high ranked opponent. He is incredibly technical. Let him show it to us.

Mcgregornador274d ago

Agreed! I’m hoping to see him vs Rockhold, no matter who his opponent will be, it will be a great fight. Mousasi is incredible to watch

KarateCat273d ago

I agree. He shouldn't just agree to fight anyone, he should get a better opponent.

HippieRays274d ago

Mousasi vs Weidman would be a fantastic fight to see!

Tatertot274d ago

Nice change of pace to accept other fights while mentioning the one he wants, hope he gets Weidman

Saitama273d ago

yep, he should get Weidman.