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Yair Rodriguez Destroys BJ Penn. We're Not Surprised, We're Just Disappointed

Yeah, so, Yair Rodriguez completely eradicated BJ Penn. It was the thing we thought was going to happen, but never wanted to truly admit.

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HecTroy462d ago

Disappointed? By what? BJ Penn never had a chance. Yair makes part of the new breed of fighters. BJ has never faced something like that before.

martym462d ago

Quite frankly, I knew that Penn would be beaten in this fight. It's just sad to see him end his career in this manner.

KarateCat462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Honestly, BJ Penn should never have returned from retirement. The way I see it, he should have retired a little later than when he did the first time. He obviously has regrets when he first did it and now he's ruined a great image of being a legend.

Saitama462d ago

penn had this coming. I don't even know why he came back from retirement

cell989461d ago

It's time for Penn to retire permanently

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