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HecTroy431d ago

B.J. Penn should have stayed at home. UFC is no place for old men. You can't just unretire after years of inactivity and take on one of the hot prospects. This sport is evolving fast!

HippieRays431d ago

Definitely not the same as when he started, home would have been a better bet for him but respect to him for trying again!

KarateCat431d ago

BJ penn should just have stayed in retirement. He basically just tarnished his reputation as a Hall of Famer.

Mcgregornador431d ago

He would have been much better off if he stayed at home

martym431d ago

Props to Rodriguez for the awesome win. Respect for Penn for putting up a good fight, he's still one of the legends in the UFC.

Mcgregornador431d ago

I wish Penn would have done better, but he’s getting a little too old for this I think