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Dana White fires back at Floyd Mayweather

Dana says "First of all, Floyd thinks he's so much bigger than Connor - he's wrong."

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martym462d ago

Truth be told, even I don't like Mayweather for his attitude. Mayweather is bigger than Conor. However, that doesn't mean that Conor can't hold a candle when it comes to PPV sales when his fight is on.

sampson3121462d ago

floyd made over 300 million from his last fight. 100 million just to show up. 25 million is an insult.

Saitama462d ago

dana doesn't seem to think so

HippieRays462d ago

not necessarily an insult, but an offering in the right direction. Mayweather doesn't need to be such a douche about it tho.

KarateCat462d ago

Dana should consider that Floyd is really popular and does have a point when he asked for a bigger purse. For all we know if the fight comes to fruition, it will be just an exhibition match. No title to claim. Just two egotistical dudes bashing each other out.

Mcgregornador462d ago

No title to claim, but it would be great to see one of the two egos crushed (hoping for Mcgregor win of course)

Mcgregornador462d ago

We all know Dana has more to offer, Mayweather is used to bigger paydays, Pay should be increased across the board.

Tatertot462d ago

But limits need to be set. For UFC standards, 300 mil for a frigging fight is a little insane. Mayweather wont get what he's used to, but it's also a different type of fight he shouldn't expect things to be the same

Tatertot462d ago

However much money their paid, it will come back in PPV revenue I’m sure. Boxers hate Mcgregor, and MMA enthusiasts are tired of Mayweather