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Mayweather: I ‘absolutely’ want to fight McGregor

Floyd Mayweather appeared on Showtime Championship Boxing Jack vs. DeGale tonight in his role of boxing promoter. In a pre-fight interview Mayweather gave his thoughts on the card, future boxing match-ups, and, of course, Conor McGregor.

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martym334d ago

Just as I thought. Mayweather wants to negotiate the purse of the fight. Hopefully, Dana would agree with the amount that he's going to ask.

KarateCat334d ago

This is going to be a very long negotiation. If things went well, the fight is going to be at least next year.

HippieRays334d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing whatever they come up with. Guarantee Mayweather wants such a large purse because he knows how much Dana made last year

martym334d ago

You bet it's gonna be a large purse for Mayweather. You can also say that Dana will earn a lot since this is a fight everybody is waiting for.

HippieRays333d ago

Everyone involved would make a lot of money from this if it ever happens

Saitama334d ago

he's asking for a very large sum for a very boring fight. remember when he fought Pacquiao?

HippieRays333d ago

Mcgregor would surely be more entertaining to watch than that