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Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson set for UFC 208 in Brooklyn

“The Spider” is coming to the Big Apple.

Anderson Silva will face Derek Brunson at UFC 208 on Feb. 11 in Brooklyn, UFC president Dana White announced Friday via Twitter. It’s a much-needed boost for a card struggling with regards to star power.

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Saitama465d ago

another great fight. can't wait for this.

martym465d ago

Great to see Silva again. His previous fights were abysmal. Hopefully, he'll get the chance to turn it around this time.

HecTroy465d ago

I don't know... He's 41, against a guy with great ground game and wrestling. I'm not saying I won't watch this fight, but I have my doubts about how great it will be :(

Saitama465d ago

derek is a good striker too. who knows, maybe silva will surprise us at UFC 208

martym465d ago

It might be Silva's last fight after all. But I'm still looking forward to a great match.

HippieRays465d ago

I'm wishing it will be a great fight, but unfortunately I think you are right & Silvas prime time has well passed.

KarateCat464d ago

Silva wanted to fight in Brazil in his 20th anniversary as an MMA fighter. I think he still wants to fight after this.

specialguest464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

Anderson has never been the same ever post surgery. He's like the male alpha lion that defended his territory for many years until a younger stronger lion came along to challenge him and took his territory and his lionesses. From that day on he would never reclaim what was once his.

martym464d ago

^this perfectly sums up what I think of Silva.