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The 13th Jockey: Training Day | Ep. 2

Conor's not the only one trying to win big.

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HecTroy217d ago

He definitely seems like he is having fun :))

martym217d ago

Yep, he's definitely having the time of his life.

Mcgregornador217d ago

Definitely! good to see him having fun and making money for it :)

HippieRays217d ago

Keeping busy and making money :)

Tatertot217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

These are entertaining, I wonder how many he's going to make?

KarateCat216d ago

Yeah, this video is fun. I wonder if McGregor will be good enough for Hollywood? I think he'll be a convincing bad guy.

Tatertot215d ago

He would be a convincing bad guy! definitely needs a bit more experience, but it would be interesting to see!

Saitama216d ago

expect to see more of it. Mcgregor is obviously trying to make sure that he'll still have a career after UFC.