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Mark Hunt no longer just a heavyweight — in 2017, he’s a cause to weighty issues

In early-2017, Hunt has become a one-man anti-PED crusade who is pretty damn fed up with fighting these overblown cats with seething hormones. Sick of it to the point that he asked for a provision in his contract that guarantees he take home his opponent’s full purse the next time that opponent pops for PEDs (a request that was promptly ignored). Sick of it that he turned down “millions” in fights trying to get that done (his estimates).

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HecTroy435d ago

This might be a crazy comparison at first, but Mark Hunt could become like Connor McGregor in the sense that he changes the game. I hope this one-man crusade will help the UFC to become cleaner.

HippieRays435d ago

He definitely could change the game with this one, it's a great step in the right direction!

martym435d ago

It's good to know that there are fighters like Mark that's passionate about MMA. But also passionate about cleaning the sport of any dopers.

Tatertot435d ago

He deserves a clean opponent, rightfully mad. I hope he makes a difference

Mcgregornador435d ago

Great man making a great change, good for him!

HecTroy434d ago

And it will be even better for him if he gets Lesnar's full purse ;)

Mcgregornador433d ago

True that! Rightfully deserved!