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HecTroy312d ago

Level: SSS (Super Sayan Samoan)

Mcgregornador311d ago

One of a kind man, no other like Hunt!

T0phav0k312d ago

Yup. He talked the talk, now he walks the walk!That is what real fighters do!

Saitama312d ago

you gotta hand it to Mark. He nails those who don't comply to his terms

martym312d ago

Hunt is doing the right thing! This should set an example for the dope users in the UFC.

HippieRays311d ago

Agreed! and fingers crossed that it does set an example, something needs to be done

armbarred312d ago

But will his fight with Overeem happen now???

martym312d ago

I hope it doesn't affect his upcoming fight with Overeem. But if Overeem is caught using, then we all know what will happen.

HippieRays311d ago

I sure hope so! but we never know what will come out of this :/

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