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With fresh perspective, Namanjunas still fancies fight with Waterson

Rose Namajunas is ready to get back into the Octagon soon, and after a recent month-long trip to Southeast Asia with her boyfriend Pat Barry, she has a changed outlook.

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T0phav0k435d ago

It would be great to Rose against Waterson! I have no clear reson to think that way, but I would put my money on Waterson in this fight.

Mcgregornador434d ago

I'd like for Rose to win but I think you're right & Waterson might have that one

HippieRays434d ago

Rose has such raw talent, she's fun to watch no matter who she is with. Her and Waterson would be a fantastic fight

HippieRays433d ago

Who do you see winning? I'm hoping for Rose, but Waterson has such a record to contend with

KarateCat433d ago

I'm rooting for Waterson. Great ground game with superb striking skills.

HippieRays432d ago

I'm hoping for Rose, but you're right