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BJ Penn Has A Message For 'Money Fight' Wannabees

One common mixed martial arts (MMA) theme in 2016 was the constant callouts from fighters in search of "big money fights." And we have Conor McGregor to thank for that, as no fighter was called out more than the current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight king.

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KarateCat437d ago

Penn definitely has a point there. A lot of fighters make the mistake of going for the fights with bigger purse. If only they would make a name for themselves by building a reputation of being a great fighter. I'm sure fights with bigger purse will surely be chasing after them.

T0phav0k437d ago

I definitely agree with you! It is crazy how every no name fighter cries for a bigger piece of the pie...

martym437d ago

The funny thing is, those fighters who craved the "bigger pie" are mediocre at best.

IamTylerDurden1437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Mickey Gall is building a career this way, but in all fairness i predicted a second rd submission win against Sage before the fight was even signed. I did not predict rear naked though.

If you watch Mickey roll you can see his bjj is legit. He's actually pretty slick and agile.

HecTroy436d ago

Yeah, but let's see what happens if he faces some legit competition, with legitt stand-up and ground game ;)

Tatertot436d ago

Mickey Gall is one of those guys I would love to hate, his competition has granted him a decent record so far but I am looking forward to someone knocking him down in the near future :)

Mcgregornador436d ago

So well said! Build a name and then get the rewards of the money fights

Tatertot436d ago

Hopefully someone listens to him, earn the way to the top & they'll get what they want

Saitama434d ago

bj penn would make a great motivational speaker... such a shame that his fighting skills aren't as good