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Ronda Rousey breaks social media silence

Ronda Rousey has broken her social media silence for the first time since losing in the first round at UFC 207 to Amanda Nunes. The former UFC women’s bantamweight champion had only offered a written statement after being soundly battered by Nunes on Dec. 30 that only alluded to her taking some time to ponder her future in MMA.

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HecTroy437d ago

Stay put, Ronda, stay put.

Mcgregornador437d ago

She doesn't really have any direction to go in right now

KarateCat437d ago

Rousey should take her time if she's planning to go back to the octagon. I mean, she's still popular enough to be in Hollywood. If she decides to fight and mess up, she'll never have anything to fall back on.

HecTroy437d ago

I don't know about the Hollywood thing. She is not an actor, and she had some movie roles canceled already due to her inability to act... Things are looking grim.

HippieRays437d ago

I think the only thing she could do in Hollywood is reality tv or on Fox Sports like Chael went at first,, if they make a new female mma movie, she could do that?

HecTroy436d ago

She could do that, but here is a quote from an article about her acting career:

"One of the film's that Rousey took time off from the UFC to make, Mile 22, has now been put on hold as the filmmakers have begun to doubt her acting ability, according to the New Yorker. Another one of her film projects, a remake of Road House, has also been delayed until May of 2017 at the earliest so Nick Cassavetes can finish the script." -

So, things aren't looking bright for her in Hollywood

martym437d ago

I think it's about time Ronda speak up. If she remains silent for very long, people would think that she had given up or had a bad time coping with the defeat.

HecTroy437d ago

She has a bad time coping with the defeat, and she had a bad time coping with her previous defeat. All these are facts!

armbarred437d ago

Apparently she reads Reddit too - that quote was at the top of /r/getmotivated todat

HecTroy437d ago

I think it is the other way around, but you can never know :))

HippieRays437d ago

Maybe she's going to do what Faber did? Retire and stay out of the octagon :)

Saitama436d ago

rousey should just retire. she can't handle the pressure!

HippieRays436d ago

You're right there, she totally crumbles & needs to step away from the sport

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