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Woodley vs. Thompson rematch headlines UFC 209

Forget about Tyron Woodley fighting Michael Bisping, or Nick Diaz, or Demian Maia, because the UFC’s current welterweight champion isn’t facing any of those three next. On The Morning Wood Show (hosted by Woodley and Din Thomas), Woodley confirmed that he’ll be rematching Stephen Thompson at UFC 209 in March.

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HecTroy196d ago

It was time, that crybaby T-Wood signs that damned contract! Now let's see that epic battle!

T0phav0k196d ago

Great news! Thanks for sharing!

HippieRays196d ago

Perfect! I was thinking he was going to ask for more money & mess this up, great news!

Tatertot196d ago

Going to be a great fight! can't wait to see this!!

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Saitama196d ago

at this rate, Khabib and Ferguson won't be missed at UFC 209

HecTroy196d ago

Don't worry. They'll be there.

Mcgregornador196d ago

Fantastic! I love that this got finalized & didn't disappear