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BREAKING! Stephen Thompson posts signed contract for UFC 209, waiting on Tyron Woodley

It looks as if Stephen Thompson will get a second chance to become a UFC champion at March’s UFC 209 event in Las Vegas.

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HecTroy167d ago

Just as I've said: T-Wood vs WB and Khabib vs Tony as the co-mains at 209.

HippieRays167d ago

Good call! Here's to hoping it gets finalized and Wood doesn't ask for anything crazy

HecTroy166d ago

He just signed the contract! :D

HippieRays166d ago

That's fantastic news! :D Can't wait!

T0phav0k167d ago

I hope he guys are be healed and ready for this second battle!

martym167d ago

Now there's more to look forward to this coming UFC 209!

Mcgregornador167d ago

They're definitely building the card up! Going to be a great night!

Tatertot167d ago

Here's to hoping this goes through, 209 is getting exciting

T0phav0k166d ago

Let's hope the Khabib vs Ferguson fight is on as well!

armbarred167d ago

With Rousey and McGregor out it's time to start remembering everyone else. Bring on UFC 209!

HippieRays166d ago

It's turning out to be a pretty great card line up so far! :)

HecTroy166d ago

It is official: T-Wood just signed the contract!

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